Our Beer


Tried and Treu | Dusseldorf Altbier | ABV 4.9%

No, that's not a typo...Treu is a German word meaning faithful. Nearly 3,000 years ago this ale-lager hybrid beer was born. Intensely malty with notes of caramel and a whisper of roast; balanced with just enough hops to finish it perfectly. Served on nitro to give it an amazing creamy and silky body.

Colonia | Kolsch | ABV 4.8%

A clean, crisp, delicately balanced beer with subtle fruit flavors and aromas. Subtle maltiness leads to a pleasantly refreshing tang in the finish. You might mistake this for a light lager or blonde ale...and you'd be right! It's a blend of both styles.

Domino | Double IPA | ABV 8.9%

Every Domino has two sides. This Domino combines the hop punch of Amarillo, Simcoe and Citra hops and is balanced by the big mouth-feel and alcohol in the finish. Sharp hop bitterness eventually mellows giving way to a pleasant fruity character. Be careful, this one will sneak up on you!

Citrallenial | American Pale Ale | ABV 5.6%

The blend of Citra, Amarillo and Centennial hops gives this style its name as well as subtle bitterness and a wide range of citrus characteristics.

Mystery Spice | Dry Hopped Belgian Pale Ale | ABV 5.2%

A tart stone fruit character is the backbone of this Belgian Pale Ale. Over-ripe peaches, holiday spice and a Ceylon tea-like quality make for a mysteriously unique flavor combination. Medium bitterness from American Simcoe and Cascade hops mixed with Belgian yeast make for a tongue twisting combination.

Segway to Munich | Helles Munich Lager | ABV 4.9%

A clean, malt-forward German lager with a smooth, dry finish. The subtle use of Haullertau hops helps to balance the malt-forward flavor. This is a refreshing, everyday beer.

Dark Side of the Moo | Milk Stout | ABV 6.0%

Welcome to the dark side...A medium bodied stout with roasted malt and coffee flavors. This style finishes sweet and creamy, making this the perfect beer for breaking in to the dark world of ales.

Discovery Well | American Amber Ale | ABV 5.4%

The “Discovery Well, Alamitos No. 1” was the first oil well drilled in Signal Hill in 1921. Named in honor of our first brew as the city’s first brewery. Deliciously balanced between malt, hops and notes of caramel.

Trail Marker | India Pale Ale | ABV 6.75%

Our take on the classic west coast IPA, includes Amarillo and Centennial hops, giving this beer its firm bitterness. We then dry hop with a generous dose of Citra hops for a strong, citrus aroma.

Hidden Hollow | Kentucky Common | ABV 5.2%

A pre-prohibition style, this beer would have been served in saloons on the American Frontier of the Wild West. We brew using historically accurate ingredients for this style. This beer appears dark, but drinks remarkably light, making this a unique choice.

Tsar of the Hill  | Whiskey Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout | ABV 11.5%

We took our Russian Imperial Stout and aged it for 12 months in whiskey barrels. Although currently off-tap right now, we've bottled this beer as a celebration of our 1st Anniversary. Come on in and purchase one (limit two) today.

Bearskin | American IPA | ABV 6.3%

A hoppy, bitter version of the English IPA with a prominent citrus character and less malt sweetness. We dry hop this ale three times more than a standard IPA using Simcoe and 7 C’s hops, for a pineapple-like aroma. You can come in and enjoy one then purchase a 4 pack to take home!

Maggie Mae | Blonde Ale | ABV 4.8%

All about the malt! Light, refreshing, and highly sessionable. Named in memory of the family’s beloved Yellow Labrador. Just like Maggie, this blonde ale will quickly become your constant companion!


Prepare to Rye | Rye India Pale Ale | ABV 6.8%

This bold IPA is packed with flavor. It gets its spicy pepper notes from a large percentage of rye malt. The fruity aroma complements the pleasant bitterness while allowing the spicy notes to shine through.

Gustav the Messenger | Belgian Dubbel | ABV 6.8%

This is a deep red ale with complex malt, banana, and clove flavors. This old-world Belgian style was originally brewed by Catholic monks referred to as ‘Trappists.’

Nachtbier | Schwarzbier | ABV 5.1%

Translated ``night beer``, this black lager is one of the oldest known beer styles. We brew this relatively unknown style with Munich malt and roasted barley, giving it flavors like biscuit and coffee as well as a light sweetness.


Another historic style, this wheat beer traditionally replaces half of its wheat malt with flaked wheat. Look for honey-sweet notes and a bit of finishing citrus tartness. A full bodied and balanced ale without harshness or astringency.

Low Countries | Belgian Tripel | ABV 8.9%

This strong Belgian style ale features firm bitterness and an explosion of spice. Highly aromatic, you may detect flavors of banana or even bubble gum. These notes combine with the supportive clean malt character to produce a surprisingly drinkable beer. However, we advise you to take it slow and sip this one!

Das Unkommoner | Dunkles Bock | ABV 6.6 %

This 14th Century German Lager was a popular choice amongst the commoners. Today in the states, this is a very uncommon choice due to it's rarity in the commercial brewing world. This style emphasizes the toasty quality of Munich malts while producing a dark fruity flavor and a slightly sweet finish.

Orange Limey | British Golden Ale | ABV 4.8%

A crisp and bright, golden-colored beer. The British Golden Ale is a newer style, developed in Britain in the 1980's. We’ve recreated this style using classic British malts and tossing in orange peel for a fresh twist.

Acadian Fog | New England IPA

A highly hopped version of the classic American IPA that focuses on citrus and fruity flavors of hops rather than bitterness. And yes, it's supposed to be hazy!


Strong but lovable - just like our brewdog, Barley! Being, in fact, the strongest of the American ales, this style is smooth despite its high alcohol content. Sip and enjoy its prominent caramel malt notes and supporting hoppy finish.

Hill to Knolls | American IPA | ABV 6.3%

This IPA is bursting with fruity, herbal aromas like tropical mango and passionfruit. It presents lingering bitterness and hop brightness due to the high portion of wheat malt.

Bless You | Azacca Pale Ale | ABV 5.2%

Aaaa-zacca! Bless You. Big in citrus and tropical fruits, this lighter refreshing Pale Ale will be a summer go to for sure. The Azacca hop is named after the Haitian god of agriculture, with flavors such as orange, grapefruit and piney pineapple notes.

The Swarthy Czechsman | Czech Dark Lager | ABV 5.3%

It is thought that lagers in general would have been predominantly dark until about the 1840's. Our Swarthy Czechsman boasts a complex flavor profile ranging from rich fruit and caramel to cola with a moderate level of hop bitterness.

Monte | Weissbier | ABV 5%

A pale wheat German ale that is highly refreshing. Slightly spicy with delicate banana and clove flavors. High proteins and residual yeast give this beer it's cloudy haze.

Obligatory | Hybrid-Hazy I.P.A | ABV 6.5%

The Hybrid-Hazy IPA is not a new trend but its popularity over the last few years has truly exploded. Due to its soft mouth feel, West Coast style bitterness and exceptional juicy fruity hop flavors from the ridiculous amounts of Mosaic, Citra and Azacca, this style is yet another example of the craft beer evolution.

Bitter Fingers | IPA | ABV 6.5%

A mid-2000's super bitter West Coast IPA. Dank, carmelly and dry. This classic version started the unstoppable force that is the IPA. Centennial, Amarillo and Citra all from the good 'ole USA!

Dat Yacht Life | Brut IPA | ABV 6.8%

This collaboration with Verdugo West is a new style starting to gain traction due to its unique character of being bone dry and extremely drinkable. This IPA has little to no body and is reminiscent of champagne. Using Hallertau Blance and Idaho 7 hops, you'll discover flavors like white wine grape skin and other tropical fruits.

Tsar of the Hill | Russian Imperial Stout | ABV 10.5%

A robust, dark ale with a lot of personality. Search for the coffee, chocolate and roasted malt flavors that dominate this popular beer.

Sunnyside Pils | German Pilsner | ABV 4.8%

This style makes up nearly 60% of all beer sold and consumed in Germany and it's no wonder. Clean, malty, lightly bitter and extremely crisp, this pils is an all-day refresher.

Hop Exposure | Double I.P.A | ABV 8.3%

Intensely hoppy! Using an initial blend of six different hops, then dry hopped with an insane amount of Cascade and Amarillo. This beer pushes the boundaries of what you can and should put in a glass.

Buck Rock | American Brown Ale | ABV 5.0%

Named after the historic Sequoia/Kings Canyon fire lookout, this malty sweet nosed beer has a prominent hoppy-piney aroma. Clean, drinkable, with a light chocolate and semi dry finish. Check out buckrock.org to read more and support this foundation.