Growler Policy

Ten Mile Brewing Co. Growler Policy:

We will not fill dirty, clear, plastic or ceramic vessels. By law we are only allowed to fill 32oz, 1L, 40oz, 64oz, 2L vessels and will not fill anything that does not have the size clearly marked.

To abide by the laws of the ABC, we are only able to fill growlers from other breweries provided that any and all information (including text, design elements and logos) are completely obscured.

Guidelines for filling non-Ten Mile growlers:

Prior to arrival at Ten Mile, use electrical tape or painter’s tape to completely obscure all growler logos, word marks, design elements and/or text. The growler must be entirely blank.  A sleeve or sock that is not affixed to the container is not acceptable.

Ten Mile team members cannot and will not obscure your growler on premise or provide tape for your use.

Ten Mile is not responsible for improper seals on any non-Ten Mile growlers.