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We are a production brewery producing roughly 1,000 barrels per year. We also have a taproom attached to our production site where consumers are able to come enjoy the beers as well as see the equipment used in the brewing process.

We currently offer true 16 oz. pours as well as true 4 oz. pours. You may also order a flight of 4 drinks of your choice that contain our 4 oz. pours.

A true pour happens when you have a larger glass in order to accommodate for “the head” or foam of your pour. The glasses that we use are actually 20 oz. in size, but in order to compensate for the head they are labeled as 16 oz. pours. The taster glasses are 7 oz. in size, but again labeled as 4 oz. in order to compensate.

We do allow outside growlers, however, please carefully review the growler policy listed on the policies page before bringing your growler on-site. In addition, please note that prices will not vary if you bring in your own growler vs. purchasing one of our 64oz. growlers.

Yes starting mid-November of 2017, Ten Mile is proud to offer 32 oz. Crowlers!

A beer’s worst enemy are the UV rays and permeating oxygen that can easily come through glass; aluminum offers protection from both. While canned beer has long been associated with “other” beers, aluminum is become more widely accepted amongst the craft beer community as the superior way to preserve the quality and freshness of your beers.

No. Crowlers are a one-time use item. Please recycle the can.

At this time we are not distributing any of our beers in bottles or cans. However, for convenience you can come to the taproom to purchase a growler or crowler from us. We’ll keep our community updated in the future for when we move into canning production!

You might spot Ten Mile at local brewpubs or restaurants and you will soon find us in many more!

Ten Mile does not serve any other alcohol outside of what is produced at our brewery. This is due to our licensing and is strictly enforced.

We do not have a kitchen on-site. We have wonderful food trucks lined up everyday we are open though! You can check the homepage for up-to-date information on who we have scheduled. In addition, chips, Long Beach Beef Jerky, and other rotating items are available for purchase.

Although we do allow outside food to be brought into the brewery, please note that food trucks are scheduled for each time we are open and we prefer to send business their way first! Due to our ABC licensing we ask that you refrain from bringing in any outside beverages. We have a few non-alcoholic drinks available for purchase. If any person is seen with an outside alcoholic beverage that guest will be asked to dispose of the drink immediately.

If you wish to join our group of Food trucks, please inquire with us at Each truck must comply with certain requirements and permitting in order to work at Ten Mile Brewing. Please note, an inquiry does not mean you are guaranteed a spot in the line-up.

Yes! We are a family-friendly brewery, however please carefully review our Family-Friendly Policy listed on our policy page.

Yes! We are a family-friendly brewery, however please carefully review our Family-Friendly Policy listed on our policy page

At this time, we are unable to rent-out Ten Mile Brewing’s Taproom during our hours of operation. You may inquire about renting the taproom during our "off-hours". Please contact us at for rental prices and more information.

You may call or email to set up a party reservation. Reservations are for (2) tables that are pushed together to create a large gathering area; this can easily accommodate between 16 and 20 people. Reservations will incur a $50 fee or if your party creates a tab that reaches $200 or more, the $50 fee will be waived. Please contact for more information and keep in mind that reservations are not complete until the fee has been paid. 

If you covering the tab for a large party, please plan to bring raffle tickets or wristbands to pass out to your group. When your guests approach the bar they will need to indicate the last name of the person’s tab. Once your party has reached the reservation minimum, it will be the responsibility of the person with the card on file to continue covering their party or to close-out the tab. Ten Mile is not responsible for the number of drinks your party consumes on your tab.

Nope! Come casual, come fancy, come all. Just come with shirts, shoes, and of course, pants.

If your card is still on file with us at closing, your card will be closed out and a 10% gratuity will be added. Your card will be kept in house for 2 weeks. If the card is not picked up within that timeframe, the card will be shredded. 

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the space or within 20ft. of the building. Please be courteous of our guests and recognize that smoke will drift inside the building if you are near our large roll-up door. Please only smoke in designated area.